Fair Trade and Free Range

Each owner-operator has a solid understanding of the preferences of their customers and community, and the different stores' ranges reflect this, carrying different product lines according to local customer demand. As part of this commitment, PAK’nSAVE and New World stores sell an ever increasing range of both Fair Trade including coffee, tea, chocolate and bananas and free range meat and eggs.


fairtrade eggs


Foodstuffs pioneered New Zealand's first Fairtrade bananas with All Good in 2010.

Over the past six years Foodstuffs, through All Good, has put over $500,000 in development funding into producer communities in Ecuador.  This includes medical clinics, school teachers, a special needs school, school supplies and much more. 

Fairtrade bananas have been the fastest growing banana category in Foodstuffs over the last five years.

Over 10% of bananas sold through New World are Fairtrade, this is a great outcome given no Fairtrade bananas were sold in NZ before 2010.  All Good [and Foodstuffs] aim to double this over the next five years.

Every New World offers Fairtrade All Good bananas to customers throughout NZ.  Although from time to time some small stores choose not to stock.

Here are some quotes from All Good’s growers:

“Thanks very much to Foodstuffs from me and my family as during periods of hardship the sale of All Good Bananas has really supported us. We hope to continue being Foodstuffs supplier of bananas for many years to come.” - Saul Armijos (Grower code 028)

“We are very thankful for the support that Foodstuffs offer us by buying our All Good bananas. With your help we have a stable economy and our fruit is valued at the right price. Without the sale of All Good Bananas our economy would collapse. I have been a small banana producer for 13 years in El Guabo and I hope to continue for many more. Thank you for the support from both All Good and Foodstuffs, I am very grateful.”

“Last month, my father-in-law suffered from a stroke, but thanks to All Good and Foodstuffs we were able to sell both his bananas and mine, this allowed us to pay for his care and look after our family and plantation during this difficult period.” - Washington Torres (grower code 956)


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