Friday, 24 April 2015

Foodstuffs remember our Anzacs with all staff donning poppies for the annual appeal

New World and PAK’nSAVE stores around the country as well as Foodstuffs support and distribution centre staff will be proudly wearing a red poppy during the RSA's annual Poppy Appeal this year.

Steve Anderson, CEO of Foodstuffs New Zealand, says “as a proud owned and operated New Zealand business, we want to help commemorate the sacrifice by our Anzac solders more than century ago, the troops who have served our country since, and supports the great work of the RSA.”

Anzac Day has personal significance for Anderson, “My Grandfather was deployed to Egypt during World War One (WWI) and my grandfather’s brothers fought in France.  Fortunately they all returned home safely. Many families were not as lucky as ours.

“Following the war my grandfather was balloted farmland in West Otago, which I visited a lot whilst I was growing-up. He was a hard worker and had a significant impact on me,” Anderson says.

“Over 18,000 New Zealanders paid with their lives in WWI and many more were wounded. Their bravery and honour lives on through our tribute on Anzac Day.”

RSA Chief Executive, David Moger, says they’re delighted with the support from Foodstuffs and their staff.

“Wearing a poppy honours the memory of those who have gone before by caring for those still with us,” Moger says.

New World and PAK’nSAVE staff will be wearing red poppies from 17 to 27 April. Customers can get their red poppy from RSA collectors posted around the country and many outside stores on Poppy Day, 17 April.

PAK’nSAVE’s Stickman will also be supporting the Poppy Appeal wearing a red poppy during this period.

Money raised during the Poppy Appeal goes towards the RSA’s continued support of veterans, former and current service people and their dependants.

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