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While we comprise of several independent co-operatives, we operate as a whole with all Foodstuffs employees and retail members supportive of the organisation's commitment to providing New Zealanders with the best possible service and quality products.

  • Foodstuffs North Island Limited

    Foodstuffs North Island Limited

    Foodstuffs North Island is led by CEO Chris Quin, and employs more than 1,800 people across the business.

    Foodstuffs North Island supplies 99 New World, 43 PAK'nSAVE, and 203 Four Square owner-operated retail supermarkets, as well as 79 Liquorland, 1 Shoprite and 2 Write Price stores along with 7 of our wholesale foodservice stores Gilmours.

  • Foodstuffs South Island Limited

    Foodstuffs South Island Limited

    Foodstuffs South Island Ltd is led by CEO Steve Anderson, and employs more than 1,311 people across the South Island.

    Foodstuffs South Island Ltd supplies the 42 New World, 12 PAK'nSAVE, 73 Four Square retail supermarkets in the South Island, 5 Raeward Fresh stores, more than 118 On the Spot convenience stores, and 27 Liquorland retail stores. Under the Foodstuffs South Island umbrella also falls 19 Henry's Beer Wines & Spirits full service liquor stores, and subsidiary foodservice brand Trents Wholesale Limited.

  • Foodstuffs Own Brands Limited

    Foodstuffs Own Brands Ltd is jointly owned by the two regional co-operatives, and operates on behalf of both to centrally represent the following main activities:

    • Procurement and marketing of private label products
    • Management and co-ordination of the National General Merchandise Programme
    • Commercial activities relating to proprietary branded suppliers particularly Supplier Trading Terms, Supplier Price Adjustments and strategic procurement
  • Foodstuffs (New Zealand) Limited

    Foodstuffs (NZ) Ltd acts as the Federation body for the two regional co-operatives, which it is jointly owned by. Foodstuffs (NZ) Ltd is based in Wellington, and owns the intellectual property in Foodstuffs brand names, but does not trade in its own right and is not a holding company. 

    The executive team includes Steve Anderson Managing Director of FSNZ and Chief Executive Officer of FSSI, Chris Quin Chief Executive Officer of FSNI, Steve Bayliss Group General Manager Marketing and Melissa Hodd Executive Manager.

    Foodstuffs (NZ) Ltd provides a means of co-ordinating policy and national activities, and represents the collective interests of the Foodstuffs companies in national marketing initiatives, public relations, industry affairs, with Government, and in areas of concern to the wider community.

Our Brands

Four Square

Four Square

The local Four Square has grown to become one of New Zealand's most iconic identities and, as Foodstuffs' first grocery store, is the organisation's heritage brand. Four Square stores range from the small neighbourhood shop in larger towns and cities, perfect for picking up last minute ingredients for dessert or dinner; to the larger grocery store in rural and provincial regions that services its community's everyday shopping needs.



Shoppers are the winners when Napier’s new PAK'nSAVE opens next week

After four years of planning and a year of construction, Napier’s newest supermarket is about to open its doors, bringing shoppers a better supermarket experience and even greater savings.



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