When life throws you curveballs, the Foodies Foundation is here to help – making sure our Foodies team gets more out of life.

What is the Foodies Foundation?

One of our values at Foodies is ‘in it together’. For us, this is about looking after each other and backing each other in the good times, and the bad. We know that together, there’s nothing that’s too hard and that no journey is ever done alone.

Available to any of our 24,000 Foodstuffs North Island employees, from our stores to our Support Centre and Supply Chain teams, the Foundation provides financial assistance when things get tough.

Whether it’s a team member who is suddenly homeless from a natural disaster, someone who has just been diagnosed with a serious illness, or a parent facing the loss of a child, we want to be able to help and help fast. So, our Foodies whānau can apply for assistance through our website when they need it, or on behalf of a teammate.


“In a freak accident that left me in a coma for 7 weeks and in hospital for 5 months, my family and I received support from the Foodies Foundation towards medical bills and life expenses that would’ve otherwise put a huge strain on very difficult time. The compassion and love I felt from my Foodies team who were the shining light in a period of darkness was overwhelming and I cannot thank them enough”  - Karl Muggeridge


How does it work?

The Foodies Foundation is governed by Trustees from within our Co-op – an authentic and passionate bunch who are committed to seeing the Foundation support our people and make sure it’s around for many years to come!

Our team are proud supporters of the Foodies Foundation and we raise support in all sorts of ways, from impromptu fundraisers, event auctions, payroll contributions, one-off donations, and much more.

The Foundation is also backed by many of our external friends who love what the Foundation is all about.

“I love the way we work together and are changing the lives of our people for the better. I look at our Trustees and see the huge hearts they have and their ability to connect with care and kindness and it makes me so proud to be part of it.” Amanda Hayes, Trustee


What we've achieved

The Foundation meets an important need in our Co-op and it's created a real sense of pride, belonging, and community among our people. Since its launch in 2018, it has:

  • raised more than $1.6 million,
  • helped over 150 families, right across our stores, Support Centre, and Supply Chain, and
  • during 2020, donated $438,454 to Foodies in need.