Working together with suppliers

We work together with our supplier partners with the goal of making it easy for customers to shop our stores and find value.

  • Our commitments to our suppliers

    - Keep your team safe in our places.

    - Invest in relationships with you.

    - Always deal with you in good faith and comply with our obligations under the Grocery Supply Code.

    - Be clear on our strategy and how you can engage and support us.

    - Consult, listen and consider your views all the time.

    - Be consistent and fair, and explain why we made a call.

    - We love innovation when it’s right for customers; if it is, let’s go hard on it together.

  • Product ranging principles

    In each of our brands (PAK’nSAVE, New World, 4 Square and Gilmours), we use customer insights to determine our product ranging and shelf allocation. These insights ensure we are ranging products that meet the needs of our largest groups of customers as they shop our stores.

    These principles ensure we offer customers the products that are most important to their needs.

    When making ranging decisions, we will consider the extent to which products:

    - Are aligned with our Foodstuffs North Island and banner strategies.

    - Offer the best value for customers.

    - Offer new product developments that are innovative and meet customer needs.

    - Deliver sustainable commercial outcomes for our Members.

    - Are aligned to our values, particularly around being sustainably and ethically sourced.

    - Are consistently and reliably supplied.

  • Shelf allocation principles

    Our shelf allocation principles are aimed at meeting our Foodstuffs North Island and banner strategies and customer needs by making it easier to find and select products. When making shelf allocation decisions, we will apply the following principles:

    - Appropriate allocation of space is given to products to ensure product availability.

    - Like products are grouped together to best match customer needs, expectations and shopping habits.

    - Operational efficiencies are gained through product placement and shelf-ready packaging formats.

    - Health and safety guidelines for in-store teams and customers are maintained.

    - Additional constraints such as dangerous goods, fixture design and product supply characteristics may lead to some variation.

  • Policies referenced in our Grocery Supplier Contract
  • Legacy Terms and Conditions
  • Produce Specifications