Responsible sourcing

We're working with our suppliers to ensure the products we sell and use are sourced in a way that cares for our people, our environment, and our communities.

What is responsible sourcing?

Every product that's made or grown has an impact on the environment and on people. When a product has been sourced responsibly it means the product has been made or grown in a way that has:

  • the social and environmental impact in mind, and
  • reduced or removed any negative impacts.


    We're committed to working with our supplier community to source responsibly, to make sure our people, our environment, and our communities are cared for.

    You can read our Responsible and Ethical Sourcing policy here.




    Look for certification on-pack

    From tuna to toilet paper, third-party independent certification can give our customers peace of mind that the products they have in their homes are sustainably and responsibly sourced.


    Different certifications cover different products (like meat or eggs) and impact areas (like the environment or working conditions). Some products in our stores may have 'eco-logos' and make environmental claims, but not all of these are independently verified.

    To ensure environmental claims on products are backed up by a third party, look out for these recognised independent certifications on products:


    Meeting supplier standards

    We require all our food suppliers to meet minimum environmental and social standards:

    Fresh produce must meet:

    • NZGAP / GlobalGAP / EuroGAP standards, which cover a wide range of food safety and environmental areas,
    • minimum social and labour working conditions and standards (like pay or fair contracts) through the NZGAP Social Practice Add-On or SMETA, and
    • any organic claims must be verified with independent organic certification.


    • imported produce must meet minimum environmental and labour standards via Global GAP with GRASP or Rainforest Alliance certification, and
    • any claims about compostable or recyclable packaging must be backed up with evidence as true in New Zealand (for example, being AS 5810 certified home compostable).

    Leading the way with Pams

    Since 1937, Pams has had a simple aim – of giving our customers the best quality products, without having to pay top dollar.


    And, whether a Pams product is from New Zealand or overseas, best quality means knowing how it was sourced and what it contains.  So we've committed to a set of certifications for Pams products, including the Roundtable of Sustainable Palm Oil and Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certification.

    Learn more about Pams responsible sourcing