New Zealand Grocery Innovation in the Spotlight Foodstuffs Emerge Finalists Announced

26 September 2023


Excitement is building for the first ever Foodstuffs Emerging Supplier Competition with the announcement of the 10 innovative grocery start-ups and small suppliers that have made it through to the final.

The Foodstuffs North Island and Foodstuffs South Island innovation competition is an unparalleled opportunity for grocery entrepreneurs to gain access to industry leaders and Foodstuffs mentors to take their products on a fast-tracked journey to success and ultimately be ranged in New Worlds across Aotearoa.

“New Zealand is a hot bed of innovation, and the FMCG industry is no exception,” says Sally Williams, Foodstuffs North Island Category Manager and Emerge Semi-Final Judge.

This competition is about creating a bridge between innovation and customer demand. We’re committed to nurturing home-grown talent and developing an ecosystem that gives grocery creators a platform to succeed.

When we see new products that we instinctively know are going to fill a gap in the market or meet a key customer need, we have a genuine eureka moment. And that’s what this competition is all about, supporting the grocery creator community and ensuring our customers have access to the best of New Zealand’s newest, most exciting products.

As part of the criteria for the new competition, entrants had to demonstrate not only how their new product filled a gap in the market, or even kick started a new category, but how sustainability was a core tenant of the product’s story and future development.

For Justin Waddell, Emerge Semi-Final Judge and Foodstuffs South Island Head of Category and Promotions, one of the most exiting parts of the competition is getting to understand a little bit more about each product’s evolution and the consideration given to sustainability. All 10 finalists have unique and inspiring stories with sustainability at their heart, whether it’s in the types of products used or expressing a commitment to waste reduction by using packaging that can be reused or recycled. Our finalists have demonstrated that innovation is about much more than just what goes inside the packaging.

The diverse range of 10 finalists include easy to use quick, healthy and delicious meal solutions, sustainable vegan and oral care products, umami functional foods, and even a nutritious gravy for our four-legged friends (dogs).

The finalists now will have a few weeks to refine their pitches, before the grand final on Friday 13th October. The event will give each of the companies the opportunity to share their products and give an insight into the passion and drive that has brought them this far. The live panel event will be in front of some esteemed industry judges, including Foodstuffs North Island CE, Chris Quin and Foodstuffs South Island CE, Mary Devine.

Foodstuffs Emerge Finalists

 Start-up  Small Supplier

 Funk with Food – Bacon Jam

The Gusstop – Shakshuka Sauce – Meal in a Jar

Morepork BBQ – Hot Smoked Pork Belly

Solid Oral Care – Toothpaste

Petite Eats – Dried Infant Food

 Chur Bol BBQ – Smoked BBQ Meats 

Pacific Harvest – Wakame Flakes 

Herbivore – Coconut Butter 

Fussy Dog – Instant Gravy for Dogs 

King’s Creamery – Mango Lassi