Foodstuffs research reveals what gift mum is most likely to get this Mother’s Day

9 May 2024

Chwris Day

Foodstuffs NZ Head of Customer Insights and Intelligence Chris Day with popular Mother's Day gifts


Foodstuffs, the co-ops behind PAK’nSAVE, New World and Four Square supermarkets have reached out to more than 1,100 of its online panel members to understand what Kiwis plan to do this Mother’s Day.


Foodstuffs New Zealand Head of Customer Insights and Intelligence Chris Day says “The insights form part of the way the co-operatives ensure what’s on offer instore reflects the unique way Kiwis intend to acknowledge the special people in their lives.”


“Quality time is really important when we think about celebrating our mums, and this research shows that this year for most of us, this is likely to be a family dinner at home,” Chris says. Mums around NZ also said the same thing, saying that if money or time were no object, the ideal Mother’s Day would involve spending a day with the family (43%).


We’re an organised bunch, with over a third of Kiwis (38%) planning the day more than a week before. Only the brave few (5%) will be leaving it until the day itself.


What kind of gifts can mums expect? Flowers tops the list with 38% of mothers likely to see some form of flowers coming their way, closely followed by chocolate (35%) and a gift card (28%).


“It’s clear that most Kiwis really appreciate opportunities like Mother’s Day, which give us a chance to reflect and acknowledge how special some of the people in our lives are.”


“Celebrating doesn’t have to be expensive either, as we know that cost of living is top of mind for Kiwis at the moment. The research shows homemade gifts and doing something nice for your mum like cooking a meal are just as valued too” he says.


Mothers of fur babies won’t be left off the acknowledgement list this year either, with 18% of Kiwis planning to celebrate Mother’s Day as pet owners and 30% expecting to receive gifts from their fur babies this year.


“Occasions like Mother’s Day help us to celebrate the relationships we have with others, even if it’s with a pet rather than a person,” says Chris.


For a bit of fun we asked Kiwis what fictional character their mums remind them of and 18% said their mums remind them of Marge Simpson from ‘The Simpsons’, closely followed by Mary Poppins (15%).


When it comes to the ‘superpowers’ of mums, the caring aspects of Kiwi mothers overwhelmingly shine through, with kind, nurturing and a good cook the top three.