Foodstuffs Merger Update

21 June 2024

Earlier this month, our grocer owner-operators voted overwhelmingly in support of the merger, because they can see the benefits for customers, communities, suppliers and teams.

As we’ve argued in our submissions, we believe combining how our co-ops are governed, and how we support our stores, won’t ‘substantially lessen competition in any market,’ which is what the Commission is considering. 

We have had to challenge every aspect of our business model to be as efficient as we can during some of the toughest economic times for New Zealanders, because our number one job is delivering great prices at the checkout.

As one nationwide co-op, we’ll be more efficient, and able to invest in the things our customers care about: value, quality and innovation.

Our teams will be working for one world-class organisation.

Our suppliers will have one valued relationship, and we remain committed to supporting the growth of small and emerging New Zealand suppliers.

Our Members will be able to deliver greater value to customers through lower costs of doing business.

More efficiency = lower cost = better value and innovation for our customers

The Commerce Commission is moving to the next step in the clearance process, as it considers our application to merge with Foodstuffs South Island. We continue to engage constructively with the Commission.  

This merger is the right thing – not the easy thing – to do. There are clear reasons for the merger and its benefits for New Zealanders. You can read them here.

Importantly for customers, we will remain 100% New Zealand-owned by the local grocer families who are on the shop floor every day, serving their communities. That’s a great thing for New Zealand.

Foodstuffs’ updates on the merger and a copy of the clearance application are here.