Foodstuffs welcomes end of mask mandates – thanks customers and teams for ‘doing the right thing’

Monday, 12 September 2022

Foodstuffs has welcomed the end of mask mandates, with Managing Director Chris Quin saying it will be a relief for teams and customers to take off their masks in the supermarket.

 “I really want to say thank you to our teams and millions of customers for working with us to do the right thing by wearing masks in store. Our team were right at the front line of mask mandates and it was very tough at times, but we’ve got through this together.  "

 “Masks have been very important through the pandemic, but they won’t be missed now they’ve done their job. Our front-line teams will be happy to take off their masks to work more freely every day.  They’ve been hot and hard to work in and everyone will be excited to be able to connect with customers again, without the barrier of a mask in the way”.    

The past two years have presented enormous challenges for keeping our team and customers safe and food on shelf – today’s announcement is a welcome signal that life can continue to get back to normal.  

 We want customers to know, while Covid-19 is still in our communities we’ll continue to focus on, and take all the appropriate measures, to provide a safe shopping experience and workplace.