Journey to store ownership

Foodstuffs is a 100% NZ co-operative, with all our stores individually owned and operated by local grocers who are directly involved with their teams and communities.
If you’ve ever wondered what the journey to supermarket ownership looks like, here’s how it works:

How the Foodstuffs Co-Operatives Work - Journey to Store Ownership. Foodstuffs North and South Island are co-operatives owned by their members - independent grocers who own and operate their own businesses. Becoming a co-op member and owning your first store cna be a lengthy process involving many years of hard work and commitment to the grocery industry. 1- Work in store for minimum of 12 years. 2-Apply 3- Rigorous Assessments. 4- Board Approval. 5-Apply for Store. 6-Store Assigned to Best Applicant. 7 and final-Store Ownership