Keeping supermarkets safe for New Zealand

At New World, PAK’nSAVE, Four Square, Raeward Fresh and On the Spot, we want you to know we’re doing everything we can to keep you safe and stop the spread of COVID-19, while ensuring you have access to the essential food and groceries you need.

The good news is we will remain open.

But we need your help to keep our staff and customers safe.

Designate one person per household to do your grocery shop

Our stores will be limiting the number of shoppers in the store at one time. We’re asking you to please shop alone and nominate one person to do your grocery shop. This means everyone can move freely around the store and maintain a safe distance from fellow shoppers and staff. During peak hours, we may also need to manage the number of customers in store.

Contactless payments are best to use right now

We’re aiming to make in store as contactless as possible and simple steps like paying with payWave and packing your own groceries into your trolley and bags will help with this. You will also begin to see various protection measures in place at your local store to help keep our staff safe.

Follow physical distancing guidelines

Remember to maintain two metre physical distance from staff and customers when in store and wait at the designated floor markers when in line to help keep everyone safe.

Plan your shop

Make sure you know exactly what you need to buy to make your shop efficient. This means we can get more customers through the store.

Show patience and kindness

With all else happening in the world aside, let’s continue to be patient, kind and considerate towards other shoppers, staff and one another.

Our stores and staff are dedicated to supporting New Zealand and ensuring your shopping experience is as safe and efficient as possible.

From all of us at Foodstuffs - Kia kaha Aotearoa.