New generation New World supermarket coming to Flaxmere

Thursday, 21 October 2021

A new supermarket for Flaxmere has been on the community’s wish list for years, and now the time has come. 

Foodstuffs North Island and Hastings District Council are pleased to announce that a brand-new retail complex, which includes a new generation New World supermarket and retail shops, will be built by Foodstuffs North Island on vacant land adjacent to Swansea Road in Flaxmere.  

Over the last few months, Foodstuffs North Island and Council have been negotiating over the sale of the vacant one hectare commercially-zoned lot, which follows 10 years of council engaging with the community and testing the market with potential supermarket operators.  

This news is hot off the heels of a lot of other activity in the suburb, particularly around housing, with up to 150 homes, either being built or earmarked for construction on council-owned land. This is in addition to developments underway by other providers, including Te Taiwhenua o Heretaunga’s Waingakau housing project.  

Mayor Sandra Hazlehurst said the development was hugely exciting for Flaxmere.  

The timing couldn’t be better – Flaxmere is set to grow over coming years with all the new homes being built, and it sits within the wider strategy we have for our Fabulous Flaxmere that’s been in motion over the past 10 years – its housing, amenities, facilities and parks."

This has already included the complete rebuild of the playground in the award-winning Flaxmere Park, followed by a refresh three years ago, and upgrades of the swimming pool complex, community centre and two smaller playgrounds."

“It’s Flaxmere’s time – we’re delighted the day has come that we can announce a new-much needed supermarket is on its way.”  

Foodstuffs North Island chief executive Chris Quin, said the company had made a commitment to be ‘Here for NZ’ and that included a promise to support local communities to thrive.

It’s been a privilege to be a part of the Flaxmere community and we’re proud and excited to be investing in its future and people by building a new generation New World and retail complex. We’re delighted to be delivering on our promise to this community to be Here for NZ in this way.” 

New World stores are 100% New Zealand owned and operated, with store owners and their teams having the flexibility to cater to the specific needs of their locality.   

Providing great value, amazing fresh food and excellent customer service is our top priority. Flaxmere is a busy and diverse community, so we’ll be putting a lot of thought into making sure we have all the right things in the store, at the right prices and ready to go, whatever the need or occasion,” Mr Quin said.  

Next generation New World stores are being built to last and with sustainability in mind.  Alongside the latest natural gas CO2 refrigeration and LED lighting – the store design will make the best use of natural light and have low energy fixtures and fittings, including low embodied energy glass (meaning all processes in its production use as little energy as possible) are used throughout.  

At 1900sqm, the brand new New World will be larger than the nearby existing store, which is currently leased from third party landlords. The new store will provide employment and career opportunities for up to 80 locals including experts in fresh foods, produce, butchery, bakery, seafood and deli.  

It’s estimated it will take about three years to design and construct the new supermarket and retail complex, which would see it up and running by mid-2024.