Climate change and carbon emissions

Foodstuffs is transitioning to a low carbon operational model, in line with the New Zealand Government’s wider efforts to meet its international obligations and drastically reduce greenhouse gas emissions.


In December 2015, representatives from many countries met in Paris to establish a new international climate change agreement under the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change. New Zealand ratified the Paris Agreement on 4 October 2016. New Zealand's target is to reduce its greenhouse gas emissions by 30 per cent below 2005 levels by 2030 and be carbon neutral by 2050. Foodstuffs’ focus is on the two main areas where most emissions have traditionally been generated in supermarket operations that of refrigeration and transport.

Leading on low carbon Natural Refrigeration systems

Supermarket fridge

To reduce our store-based emissions Foodstuffs are transitioning all supermarkets over to natural refrigeration systems. 

In 2012 Foodstuffs became the first company in the southern hemisphere to trial CO2 based systems in preference to synthetic gases which are highly damaging in terms of global warming.

Since 2014 all new supermarkets and major refits have had CO2 systems fitted as the default choice. This action, together with a raft of energy efficiency measures has resulted in a 45% decrease in the overall carbon footprint for new and refurbished stores since 2014.

Transport Emissions

Freight deliveries continue to be consolidated and reverse logistics explored where possible to reduce vehicle movements and emissions. Reusable pallets and bins are utilised throughout our distribution networks to reduce waste and transit damage and improve load space utilisation and transport efficiency.

Electrifying Transport!

Leading on fast charging stations for customers

Foodstuffs is working with Chargenet and the electricity industry to develop Electric Vehicle Rapid charging stations at stores. The first charging station was opened at New World, Northwood in Christchurch in December 2016 (below) 

NW NorthwoodPhoto: New World Northwood Rapid Charging Stations - Opened Dec 2016

paknsave electric vanPhoto: Pak'n Save Hamilton Rapid Charging Stations - Opened June 2019

By the end of 2018 we had 56 EV Fast charging stations across the country and by the end of 2019 that figure will be nearer 80, as illustrated on the maps and lists below. Very soon you will be able to drive electric from Northland to Southland a distance of almost 2000 kms charging at Foodstuffs stores as you go.

North Island Charge Station

North Island Charge Station

South Island Charge Station

South Island Charge Station

Electric vehicles

Four Square vans

In addition to putting in the charging infrastructure, we have also been busy purchasing electric vehicles and a full-scale trial of 28 zero emission electric vans commenced in 2017 at stores around the country.

As recognition for our sector leading contribution, Foodstuffs NZ picked up the fleet champion of the year award at the 2018 EV World national event.

PAK’NSAVE Papakura’s new e NV 200 vanPhoto: PAK’NSAVE Papakura’s new e NV 200 van

Craig Neiper at his New World store in Dunedin with his van and Nissan LeafPhoto: Craig Neiper at his New World store in Dunedin with his van and Nissan Leaf

BUT we’re not satisfied with small vans, so we’ve also commissioned the building of three large electric trucks at Blackwell’s at Christchurch.

Using technology supplied by SEA in Australia, Blackwells, will be building a 6 tonne and 11 tonne truck for Foodstuffs South Island for use in Christchurch and a 24 tonne refrigeration truck for Foodstuffs North Island to be used in the Wellington region.

NW Truck

NW Truck

In recognition for the progress Foodstuffs have made in this area, we were awarded the National EV Fleet Award at EV World in Auckland in 2018.

Mike Sammons FSNZ Head of Sustainability and Sigurd Magnusson, EV Project Manager receive the Top EV Fleet award Photo: Mike Sammons FSNZ Head of Sustainability and Sigurd Magnusson, EV Project Manager receive the Top EV Fleet award

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