Through its many brands, Foodstuffs supports New Zealand with community partnerships including the Starship Foundation, Breast Cancer Foundation of New Zealand and the Stroke Foundation. Additionally, Foodstuffs has sponsored the Food for Thought initiative for many years – a free nutrition education programme that helps Year 5 and 6 primary school students make healthier food and lifestyle choices. New World has been a long-time supporter of Netball New Zealand, helping young netballers of the future hone their skills and is an official sponsor of the Silver Ferns. Locally, our owner-operators support a range of community groups including charities, schools and sports clubs.

  • Starship

    New World has been a Five Star Sponsor of Starship Children’s Hospital since 2014. As a proudly 100% New Zealand owned and operated business, we are committed to being a positive part of the communities in which we operate, and we are pleased our sponsorship is making a real difference to so many families around the country. 

    New World’s sponsorship is funding a number of programmes at the hospital, like New Zealand’s first Feeding Clinic, which helps children of all ages with feeding difficulties to eat and enjoy food, and the refurbishment of the Level 5 General Medicine ward, including new family kitchens. 

    New World also delivers fruit boxes to every ward of the hospital each week, to help give family members access to healthy food options while they are supporting their loved ones. 

    And, thanks to our sponsorship of the Silver Ferns, we have been able to put extra smiles on the faces of some patients by giving them the chance to meet their favourite Silver Fern and the opportunity to deliver the ball onto court at the New World Netball Series international games.

    Find out more about the Starship Foundation

  • Netball NZ and the Silver Ferns

    New World is an official sponsor of the Silver Ferns, and in 2017 celebrates 10 years as a supporter of netball in New Zealand. Many New World stores across New Zealand are also proud supporters of grassroots netball in their communities. 

    New World’s sponsorship of the Silver Ferns puts us in the unique position of being able to bring ‘money can’t buy’ experiences to some of our littlest and most deserving customers, in particular the children and families at Starship Children’s Hospital. 

    “Without the kindness of our Silver Ferns we wouldn’t have been able to put smiles on the faces of so many Starship children,” says Steve Anderson, Managing Director, Foodstuffs New Zealand Ltd. 

    “The time the Ferns have given and the kindness shown is without doubt one of the most priceless gifts we are able to give as part of this sponsorship.” 

    Watch New World team up with the Silver Ferns to plant the Little Star Garden at Starship.

  • The New Zealand Breast Cancer Foundation

    PAK’nSAVE is proud to support the Breast Cancer Foundation of New Zealand’s annual Pink Ribbon Appeal. With the generous help of PAK’nSAVE customers, we’ve raised more than $200,000 so far, supporting life-saving awareness and education programmes, research into new targeted treatments and support for women going through breast cancer in New Zealand. 

    Steve Anderson, Managing Director, Foodstuffs New Zealand Ltd, says PAK’nSAVE is dedicated to supporting community groups around the country. “Any one of the women (or men) in our lives could be affected by breast cancer,” he says. 

    “As a Kiwi owned and operated company, PAK’nSAVE is proud to help spread the message of early detection and support the New Zealand Breast Cancer Foundation with their appeal.” 

    Find out more about the New Zealand Breast Cancer Foundation.

  • Stroke Foundation

    Each year, New World and PAK’nSAVE stores nationwide partner with the Stroke Foundation to conduct the biggest ever simultaneous health check. 

    More than 20,000 Kiwis across New Zealand have their blood pressure checked, which if identified as high and then treated, could prevent them from having a stoke in the future. 
    According to the Stroke Foundation, every year the programme helps alert thousands of New Zealanders to the possibility that they may have high blood pressure. 

    Its research suggests that if everyone in the country had healthy blood pressure, the number of strokes could be drastically reduced from approximately 9,000 people each year, or one every hour. 

    Steve Anderson Managing Director, Foodstuffs New Zealand Ltd says, “High blood pressure is often referred to as the ‘silent killer’. Many people don’t know they have it. We’re proud to support the Stroke Foundation in this extremely important and effective community health initiative.”

  • Community Groups Sponsorship

    As our stores are locally owned and operated, there is a true commitment to supporting the communities in which we operate. Many of our owner operators play key community roles, from being among their towns’ biggest employers, to donating both time and money to local organisations. Each year, our owners donate thousands of dollars in groceries to local schools, sporting groups, community and church groups, and other not-for-profit organisations. 

    Sponsorship enquiries: All requests from community groups need to be made in writing directly to the operator of the local store.

  • Food For Thought

    Food for Thought is a free nutrition education programme sponsored by New World, PAK’nSAVE and Four Square, to help Year 5 and 6 primary school students (9 and 10-year-olds) make healthier food and lifestyle choices. It is a community-based initiative, designed and developed by nutritionists and teachers working within the New Zealand Health and Physical Education curriculum. Part of the learning experience includes a supermarket visit to a PAK'nSAVE, New World, Write Price, Four Square or Shoprite supermarket, where children apply classroom learning to an interactive setting. Children learn how to read nutrition labels, compare the nutritional benefits of products, and learn about allergy awareness. 

    For further information, contact the Foodstuffs head office in your region or visit the Food for Thought website.

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