Sustainability leadership

New Zealand is our home. Our current linear economy based on ‘take, make, dispose’ generates waste and relies on an endless supply of raw materials, so we are committed to doing our part to ensure we operate and source in a way that does no harm to our environment. This means taking responsibility for the waste we create and moving towards carbon neutrality.  Embracing a sustainable approach reduces the reliance on finite resources and creates a healthier environment and future for New Zealand.

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  • Packaging sustainability

    Packaging sustainability

    Foodstuffs is committed to improving packaging sustainability in Aotearoa New Zealand.

  • Climate change and carbon emissions

    Climate change and carbon emissions

    Foodstuffs is transitioning to a low carbon operational model, in line with the New Zealand Government’s wider efforts to meet its international obligations and drastically reduce greenhouse gas emissions. 

  • Foodstuffs Environmental Principles

    Foodstuffs Environmental Principles

    “Foodstuffs is working with our suppliers, customers and community organisations to help deliver practical solutions to the environmental challenges.” – Steve Anderson, Managing Director Foodstuffs New Zealand Ltd

  • Store design

    Store design

    The best way to reduce a store’s environmental impact throughout its life is to get the design right at the beginning.

  • Water conservation

    Water conservation

    All new stores are designed to minimise water use and wastage in accordance with the NZ Building Code and any applicable Council bylaws.

  • Waste Minimisation and Recycling

    Waste Minimisation and Recycling

    The Waste Minimisation Programme for supermarkets encourages stores to focus on recycling and reusing waste at back of store, with landfill being a last resort. 

  • Certification


    Third party independent certification aims to give customers peace of mind when it comes to the sustainability of specific products; from seafood, eggs and meat to palm oil and paper products.

  • Genetically modified foods

    Genetically modified foods

    We operate by strict guidelines when it comes to any genetically modified foods offered for sale in Foodstuffs member stores.  

  • The first to be microbead free

    The first to be microbead free

    Foodstuffs supermarkets, which include New World, PAK’nSAVE and Four Square, have been microbead-free since 1st July 2017; a year ahead of the Government’s proposed date for banning microbeads from New Zealand stores. 

  • Fair Trade and Free Range

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