Tuesday, 07 April 2020

Foodstuffs pulls community together to feed the Chatham Islands, one of New Zealand’s most remote communities.

Foodstuffs brands New World, Gilmours and PAK’nSAVE, and the wider Napier community, have come together to ensure families on the Chatham Islands have a good supply of groceries during Government Alert Level 4 of the National Pandemic Plan.

The Chatham Islands are located 800km east of South Island. Grocery supplies for the Island are regularly picked up at Napier and Timaru Ports, travelling to the Chatham’s by ship so the two small supermarkets there can carry enough stock to last a month, to six weeks.

When the Government announced moving to Alert Level 4, Chatham businesses realised that, due to their remote location, they would need to be more prepared with vital food supplies than most other communities in New Zealand. Under pressure because of increased demand, the main supplier of groceries to the Islands couldn’t supply the increased order.

Kaylea Bradshaw owner-operator of New World Onekawa, who regularly provides a small amount of supplies to Chatham businesses, heard about the shortfall and took up the challenge to source all the supplies to last Chatham’s stores for 8-10 weeks. Kaylea connected in with other local Foodstuffs owner operators from Gilmours and PAK’nSAVE, as well as the Foodstuffs Distribution Centre in Palmerston North. Rallying the wider community, Kaylea also approached local businesses who had closed due to the Government Alert Level 4 measures, to supply stock that they could no longer use.

We’re all in this together and this includes our most remote communities like the Chatham Islands. Even though we’re 800km away, Napier is one of the closest communities by distance to The Chathams and as well as serving the Onekawa community, a top priority for me, our team worked into the night to make sure our fellow Kiwis in the Chatham Islands could have access to the essentials they need during Government Alert Level 4 as well.” Says Kaylea.

The ship was loaded with the food staples for the Chathams on Wednesday 1 April, the journey usually takes about 48 hours. Taking every precaution to ensure The Chathams remains COVID-19 free, the crew of the ship will remain on-board to protect the integrity of this critical service.

With the supplies delivered, we can sleep a bit easier knowing families on the Chatham Islands have what they need to sustain themselves during Government Alert Level 4.” Concluded Kaylea.



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