PAK'nSAVE says no to collectibles reinforcing commitment to low prices all year round

PAK'nSAVE says no to collectibles and yes to low prices

No kids toys at PAK’nSAVE this Christmas as the no-frills brand continues to say no to collectable marketing campaigns.

Instead, PAK’nSAVE is reinforcing their commitment to low supermarket prices by introducing a new no-frills advert encouraging shoppers to step up and get savey as we head into the festive season.

This year, PAK’nSAVE was ranked New Zealand’s fairest company and one of the country’s top five performing companies in the 2022 Kantar Corporate Reputation Index.

Lauren Ness, Senior Marketing Manager, PAK’nSAVE - Brand and CX says, “we don’t want our customers to be tempted with the idea of a shiny new collectable campaign, rather we want them to get excited by the idea of saving money and collecting low prices throughout their everyday shop as we head into one of the more spendy parts of the year.

“By shopping PAK’nSAVE’s low prices, there’s no limit to the amount of savings one can get in-store. We keep it simple for customers because at the end of the day everything we do; we do to save our customers money.”

You don’t need to pay a joining fee to shop the deals at PAK’nSAVE either.

All PAK’nSAVE stores have customers’ budgets in mind, the sheer size and scale of PAK’nSAVE stores means they can buy better. Quality fresh products like seafood, meat and produce and New Zealand’s favourite grocery brands are all available at PAK’nSAVE at much lower prices.

PAK’nSAVE is a practical and functional supermarket with wide aisles and good range of grocery items. Items are stacked on the shelf in their boxes so it’s easy to shop and cut costs by asking customers to pack their own bags.

So, instead of making the festive season a spendy time, make it a savey time by saying no to collectables and yes to low prices at PAK’nSAVE.

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